Robotran Matlab Documentation

intro + maybe ref to MSysPad for the generation of xml ...

Data Structures

The user should be aware that the three following structures are global variables in the Matlab Package.

MBS data

MBS_data : This structure contains the system data and some simulation options. It is aimed to be used by all the modules of the MBsysLab package. This structure is created jointly to the MBS_info structure during the loading of the description file of this file content, by means of the mbs_load() function and more specifically by the mbs_get_data() function.
In practice, the MBSysLab user can not access directly the global MBS_Data but only manipulate a local copy of it called mbs_data (note the small letters).

MBS info

MBS_info : This structure is more informative and contains the set of description information of the articulated system. The MBsysLab user should not directly modify the content of this structure. He has already given this information via the MBsysPad Editor. These data are exported by MBsysPad in an xml file and are loaded in Matlab by means of a call to the mbs_load() function.

MBS user

Reading/Modifying the Structures

list interesting functions related to the structure : for example mbs_set_qa() , mbs_get_body_id() + ...


If possible insert an example of the retrieval of the structure, modification of some properties and reading (maybe take part of the code of the template function...)