Welcome to MBsysPy’s documentation!

The modelling and analysis of multibody systems can be achieved by interfacing the C libraries of MBsysC. It allows to prevent for the user any compilation steps while keeping the efficiency computation of core function written in the C programming language.

For complexe or large multibody systems, the overhead due to python to C interface can be reduced by writing and compiling some part of the multibody systems in C programming language. At the end the whole system can be provided as C compiled libraries, while the interface is only used to start the computation process and changeing some parameters in the model.

The MBsysPy package allow to perform different dynamic and kinematic analysis on the multibody system. Each analysis uses a specific class instance dependent on the MbsData instance containing the system definition.

Code sample

In this documentation, some code samples are given. The code samples assume that MBsysPy has already been imported. Some samples may use np to call functions (or classes) from the numpy package:

import MBsysPy
import numpy as np

More over some sample use an instance of the class MbsData, that is contained in a variable named mbs_data.

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