Coordinate partitioning

Partitioning of the generalized coordinates into independent and dependent variables (for constrained multibody systems only). For more information, see Robotran theoretical framework.


The partitioning module must be run once prior to any other module in case of multibody model containing loop and/or user-constraint.

Code sample

For running the coordinate partitioning, insert the following code in your main script and adapt it to your need:

mbs_data.process = 1
mbs_part = MBsysPy.MbsPart(mbs_data)
mbs_part.set_options(rowperm = 1, verbose = 1)
del mbs_part


The partitioning is performed by instancing an instance of MbsPart. Then partitioning is performed by calling the function

The options ot the partitioning module are set with the function MbsPart.set_options().


All classes of MBsysPy designed to perform an analysis of an instance of MbsData have a function run() that start the computation.

The same classes have a function set_options() that is used to set the analysis options and must be called before calling the run() function. The available options of each analysis are documented in the set_options() function.

Some of these classes have optional arguments when being instancied. These arguments are documented in the class __init__() function.